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Save In Costs

The EGM render farm allows you to pay only for you real calculation needs.

Extern render process as a way of saving for the cost of your project.

 The rendering process of any CGI project requires huge amounts of calculation power. With the arrival of "Unbiased" rendering motors, ruled by the same laws that explain the physique behavior of particles, the quality of the final scenes took a really important huge quality step. Unfortunately, the quantity step in rendering timing was also really increased.

So much so, that it has produced, in many cases, that it has been impossible to reach the deadlines set with the clients, with the intrinsic deterioration of their business image.

If you carry out a study of the necessary investment to be competitive with deadlines again, you will have to proceed to analyze the following costs:

-Nodes render cost(servers).
-Cost of the network electronics.
-Coste en almacenamiento.
-Cost of storage.
-Cost of freezing equipment.
-Electric cost of your render farm and the freezing system.
-Cost of technic labor in installation, configuration and maintenance.

The most important problem you will find when you carry out the study, lies on the quantification of the necessary render nodes to serve the demand of your company. When you analyze the requirements of your demand, you will realize that, probably, if means a huge amount of work in a few weeks. If you adapt your servers to this, you will have to deal with the problem that you will not be using them for the rest of the time, and, in consequence, you will not be generating the return of your investment.

Private Render Farm Costs 

Outsourcing the rendering process to the EGM Color Laboratories render farm you will be able to pay only for the real calculation demand that you have in each moment.

Render Farm

This factor, combined with our competitive offers, adapted to the needs of each client, will grant you a huge final cost saving.

Furthermore, we count on a wide range of " Render hour packs " that will allow you to get discounts until the 70%.


From 1.1cent of euro / Ghz Hour

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